Monday, April 29, 2013

ohhhhhhh maxwell........

i love this song....and the video....i mean. i. can't. i love him so hard!!

Monday, April 22, 2013

travel plans, yes!!!

with everything going on in boston, i haven't felt right to share my plans for 2013. now that things are starting to settle down, i would love to tell you guys that i will be volunteering with project abroad in sri lanka in october. i am beyond excited for this adventure because: 1. i have never been to sri lanka 2. i will be able to spend my vacation helping and playing with kids 3. i am going to SRI freaking LANKA!!! 4. i am working on having a 23 hour lay over in....DUBAI!! this year will be an exciting one, since i haven't really traveled since coming back from africa, i have the following trips planned: - spain, in sept or nov, my sister will be studying abroad in madrid and i cant wait to have vino and papas bravas with her in one of my favorite countries in the world. - bali/thailand, my good friend bbergh, will be celebrating her 30th there and i of course already bought my ticket..not really but in my head i am already there. - chicago, in august to see my little amanda tie the knot - south carolina, to see my little tiffany tie the knot - maybe london to visit a great friend studying abroad - miami, in june for some R&R i think that's it...for now. have a wonderful monday loves.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

standing strong with Boston

Boston my heart goes out to you and all.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Monica Alejandra Barabosa Alverez

today you joined God, your uncle, my cousin and so many others. i still cannot believe that you are gone. i cried at my desk today as i read the facebook postings about you. i love you dearly and as my mom said i wont be sad, i will be happy because i will remember all those amazing times we had in tamazula. you went from being the annoying little sister to one of my closest friends. i love you, i hope you knew that.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Guess who kept her word????

here is my photo dump!! enjoy and thanks for stopping by. ;)

Monday, March 25, 2013

ohhhh hey!!

Where has the time gone? I have no clue..sorry about the lack of post but as you can see my new friend tori hooked a girl up!! Check out her blog its pretty freaking amazing …it is sort of awesome and I love her work! What is the easiest way to update you guys on the last couple of months…. Well my sister came in February and we had a blast, we hit up the lulu lemon warehouse sale, celebrated V’s birthday and she got to see NYC for the first time. March is my month since its my birth month and I had the most amazing birthday!! I had a great weekend and I was reminded how lucky I am, I love my friends. Here are some pictures (tomorrow) And can you tell me what it is snowing AGAIN in MARCH!! The end of March, I mean come on mother nature…I know I am from the Chi (holler) but come on!! The time has come it is Spring. Also on a music note..since I consider myself a music critic, the new JT album is pretty freaking fantastic! I love the song Mirrors, it has been on repeat since I downloaded the cd, by the way does that sound odd to anyone else? Downloaded versus bought a cd?? Anyway its been on repeat and I realized yesterday that the reason I love it is because I am a hopeless romantic. The line where he sings, it was easy coming back to you once I figured it were right here all along.” One day. I am also super excited because I have something in the works once I confirm the details I will share it on here…because it will blow my mind if it all goes through and I think it may blow your mind as well! Happy Monday all and I will be posting more frequently from now on, pictures coming

Friday, December 7, 2012

i have been doing so much lately let me catch you up: i got the most amazing tree ever let me show you...see....pretty freaking amaze-balls if you ask me. here is a before and after picture. Happy
i got a new job, thank you baby jesus!! i am so excited i have been needing a change so this came right in time. do you have the new alicia keys cd?? i am loving and i mean loving this song by alicia and maxwell, which i am still waiting for his blackSUMMERnight cd..come on dude, i am dying over here.
also today the youngest of my siblings, the original fat boy (he is the skinnest dude i know) turned 22. i can actually remember when my parent brought him home. he was such a cute baby and now at 22 he makes us all proud. i love you benny.
and thats our nephew not his son..;) happy birthday fat boy!!